Join us in daily meditation. Meditation can help you:

  • Reduce anxiety and physical or emotional suffering
  • Elevate physical and emotional fulfillment
  • Achieve deep self knowledge
  • Make positive changes in objective behavior
  • Develop a spirit of love and service towards others
  • Find Inner Peace and achieve Fundamental Wellbeing or what some mystics call “Enlightenment”

Basic Training Videos

Five short videos to learn basic meditation techniques

More Videos

The Chart of Human Happiness:

Suggested Reading:

What is Mindfulness? – by Shinzen Young

Five Ways To Know Yourself – An Introduction to Basic Mindfulness – by Shinzen Young

The Science of Enlightenment – How Meditation Works – by Shinzen Young (audio book-highly recommended)

Contact us to request official membership as a tithe-paying Member. Members tithe 10% of their income to support our mission and help bring more happiness to the world.